[Music is the mission] 

Project Nine is a Hybrid Rock band based in Biloxi, MS. A core sound of driving, robust hard rock is complemented by the band's open minded writing style, incorporating elements of punk, alternative, metal, acoustic rock and experimental sounds into the package that is Project Nine. The band brings it all together in their high energy live shows. From intense on stage action to irreverent banter, from powerhouse big stage throwdowns to warm stripped performances, from the tightly executed delivery of the band's catalog to improvisation, guest appearances, and additional material... each show carries its own satisfying, somewhat unpredictable vibe. The band's goal is simply to carry on the spirit of rock and roll for everyone they come across. Nothing is off limits, as long as it creates that authentic magic that only music can bring us.

Scotti Redd - Guitar/ Vocals
Chad Wilson - Drums
Brent Kriner - Bass

Project Nine formed in 2014 on the gulf coast of Mississippi and quickly became one of the region's standout rock acts, appearing all over the coast at festivals and special events, performing with major touring acts, and blasting into every rock venue in the area. The initial release of the single "Should Have Known" garnered international streaming radio play, significant regional terrestrial airplay, and put the band on the national scene and into venues across the US from Florida to California.

Project Nine continues to explore their Hybrid Rock concept sound through their upcoming releases, while confidently bringing the noise to every new area they can reach.

Official releases are available on all major streaming platforms



Five tracks of Project Nine's early recordings.



2022 – Current

A collection singles, B-Sides, and alternate versions released independently of an album.
-REDLINE [Coming Soon]